Administration and Management

Administration and Management is one of the eight core competencies designated by the American Library Association. Education and experience in public libraries has given me the knowledge and ability to plan and budget a library facility. I utilize the principles of effective personnel practices and human resources development as a Computer Lab Department Head.  I demonstrate an example of the Administration and Management competency by creating and managing a Budget Plan with my employer. Every organization operates on a budget and public libraries are no exception. Finances are needed to run the day-to-day operations of library services. There are cost for employing staff that provide the services to users. Supplies must be purchased to allow for effective and efficient operations. Equipment is also needed and is usually costly.

One aspect of managing a budget that is often overlooked is the operation and maintenance of utilities. Once a budget has been implemented, it must be constantly monitored for optimum dependency. The needs of the library and its staff should be a primary focus to ensure that a library functions as it is designed to. The following items should be considered as necessities when budgeting a library:
• Collection & Materials (books, eBooks, DVDs, magazines)
• Support technology and software
• Office supplies
• Routine maintenance and repair of equipment and materials
• Allocated capital for specialized projects

ALA. (2009). ALA’s Core Competencies of Librarianship. Retrieved February 18, 2015 from the World Wide Web:

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