Foundations of the Profession

To be a librarian and/or information science professional, it is important to understand the most crucial American Library Association core competency of librarianship. The Foundations of the Profession competency covers the basic principles and code of ethics of information science. My experience as an employee of a public library district and completion of the Master of Science in Information Sciences programs has helped understand the role of an information professional. An example of the Foundation of the Profession competency is a Standards of Spring Valley Library Customer Service guidelinesĀ that I created for my staff. This guideline is used to address the needs of computer center users and how to efficiently meet their needs. There are many responsibilities associated with various information profession roles. New graduates should be excited with the many expanded opportunities that are emerging in a profession that continues to evolve. Acquisitions, curating, and information technology are just a few career paths that require innovative skills to be successful. Along with academic, public, and specialized libraries, information professionals can now be found in corporate America, entertainment, and the medical field.

ALA. (2009). ALA’s Core Competencies of Librarianship. Retrieved February 18, 2015 from the World Wide Web:

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