Technological Knowledge and Skills

It has always been a passion of mine to identify emerging technologies and implement them into information and library science. I possess the Technological Knowledge and Skills competency that is required by the American Library Association. Web 2.0 tools and social media have been very valuable to public libraries. In an attempt to promote the significance of picture books, I created a WordPress blog that consist of my personal review of picture books that I’ve read. The Picture Book Review is an online historical record collection of 210 reviews that portrays the Technological Knowledge and Skills competency. The marketing and advertisement of library services took a major hit during the economy crisis. Libraries needed to be creative as marketing budgets were reduced or eliminated. Social media allowed libraries unique ways to promote services and outreach to a larger audience. Most public libraries have their own blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account. These networking tools provide instant access to knowledge and updates of services and upcoming events.

Public library staff have also discovered innovative ways to attract interest in library products including book review blogs and how-to wikis. Social networking also allows for public library users to be more involved with the content and services by interacting with the provided technology. The following is a list of technology and social networking tools available to public library users and staff:
• Accessing online databases for information and specific content
• Downloading eBooks, audiobooks, and digital music to mobile devices
• Accessing streaming video content
• Reviewing online how-to wikis for instructions on library virtual services

ALA. (2009). ALA’s Core Competencies of Librarianship. Retrieved February 18, 2015 from the World Wide Web:

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