The products that I have created and provided for my ePortfolio were each very challenging. I’m very proud of the time and effort that I’ve incorporated into each product. When I was promoted to a Computer Lab Department Head with my employer, I was not prepared for taking on the responsibility of  a supply budget. Since I was also involved in other special/temporary budgets for projects, I thought that it would be a great idea to develop a Budget Plan. This budget plan keeps me and the finance department that I report to up to date on spending and future revenue needs.

During my MSIS program, I participated in Picture Book Reviews and expanded on this idea assuming I may possibly have a future in children’s/youth librarianship. The WordPress blog continue to grow as became fond of various picture books including some from my childhood.

A considerable amount of planning and coordinating was needed when I performed an assessment on the library branch that i worked for. I had many ideas on how I would evaluate the library and this process changed multiple times as I got closer to the assessment date.

The Book Talk gave me an opportunity to highlight one of my favorite artists. As an advocate for unique art, I believed it was necessary to express my admiration while also providing information. This is my future and my career to provide information as an information professional. A link to each of my products is provided below.

Budget Plan

Picture Book Review

Library Assessment/Evaluation

Book Talk

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