Budget Plan

In my current job as a Computer Lab Department Head for the Las-Vegas-Clark County Library District, I manage a budget of approximately $20,000.00 annually for supplies. This budget is used for the purchase of library materials and office supplies. The Business Office (Finance Department) provides approximately $100,000.00 annually to the Branch Manager of the library. Although the Branch Manager maintains $80,000.00 of this budget, I’m assigned responsibility for maintaining the budget worksheet for the building.

My Budget Plan is broken down into seven areas and designated by tabs in a spreadsheet. The fiscal year budget worksheet is the overall request for budget. This is where an increase in the budget can be made with an explanation. There is also a supplemental personnel request form when additional staff is needed. There are also specialized supplemental request for projects planned for the fiscal. The projects for the current fiscal year include a new teen zone, staff printer replacement, additional adult services computers, new staff laptop, and kitchen accessories.

There are two distinct budget code designations. For example, library material for services includes any equipment or furniture needed to provide library services. Funds are allocated from a specific source so when these items are purchased there is a designated code assigned. I usually receive approximately $20,000.00 to manage library supplies. Supplies consist of general office supplies needed for operations of library services. This is also funded from a specific and separate source so a different designated code is assigned. I have received $20,000.00 for office supplies the past two fiscal year periods and have requested $22,000.00 for the next fiscal year. With my help in managing the budget, the Spring Valley Library has continued to provide efficient services to the community of Spring Valley/Chinatown Las Vegas. Administration and Management is a core ALA competency that emphasizes budgeting and I utilize it in this product.

Click this link to view my Fiscal Year Budget Plan

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