Picture Book Review

To prepare for a career in children’s services, I created a database consisting of 210 picture book reviews. In five weeks, I reviewed over 180 picture books to establish a historical record collection. I chose a variety of titles including Caldecott winners, best sellers, and some of my favorite picture books of all time. This database was later exported to a website blog. My purpose for creating this blog is to promote an art that has lost favor with parents of early readers. I want to discredit the negative perception that picture books do little to promote reading due to a lack of words. Picture books are very valuable and serve as the gateway to reading for early readers and their childhood development. My picture book reviews are posted on the Spring Valley Library’s Facebook page. I acknowledge which picture will be used in upcoming story times. This has generated positive responses and large crowds  on the days that I’m either present or presenting a story time for the library. I utilize the Technological Knowledge and Skills ALA core competency for my blog.

Click this link to view the Picture Book Record Database

Click this link to view my Weekly Picture Book Blog


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