One of the great aspects of the Master of Science in Information Science graduate program are the practicum courses. The practicum courses allowed me to gain career skills to help me achieve my goals. During my first practicum in Spring 2014, I was taught how to manage the collections and materials (Goal #1) of the Spring Valley Library in Las Vegas, NV. I was given access to the Brodart online material ordering system (Bibz) to monitor and restock the Spring Valley book shelves. It was important that I studied the Spring Valley Library online database patron checkout trends to determine what type and the quantity of material to order.

With my current position as a Computer Center Department Head, I have the responsibility of managing the scheduling of my staff. I’m also in charge of maintaining library district policy and procedures. To coincide with the Spring 2014 practicum, my supervisor who is the Spring Valley Library Branch Manager gave me temporary Person-In-Charge duties. These duties included assisting in maintaining the entire library scheduling, resolving library issues/concerns, and mentoring other Spring Valley staff (Goal #2 & Goal #3).

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